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Michael Stevenson

Berlin-based New Zealand artist Michael Stevenson has a talent for excavating aberrant examples, for taking sidebar stories and making them into the main event.

Alex Monteith

Alex Monteith’s work combines the formal and the relational, engaging with communities of practice and creating events engineered for the camera.

History Curator

By Robert Leonard
Stella Brennan’s print reproduced an aerial view of a gigantic geodesic dome on fire, a plume of dark toxic smoke billowing from its pre-fab acrylic panels.

Patricia Piccinini

Patricia Piccinini’s art has been seen around the world—from Venice to Tokyo to Lima—but her recent work has a particularly antipodean tang. Her invented creatures recall the hybrid peculiarities of animals such as the platypus…

Olaf Breuning

Breuning makes videos and photographs; he is master of the constructed scenario. Descriptions of his work catalogue props – paring knives scotch-taped to fake-blooded hands, woolly hats, trainers, ski pants…

Arcadia Review

Arcadia draws on computer game aesthetics and the models of conflict and competition they both participate in and help to foster.

Rohan Wealleans

I first started thinking of paint as a weighty physical material at the end of my first year at Art School. In preparation for the final exhibitions, everything received a frenzied application of white acrylic to banish the year’s smears and splatters and gallerise the institution.

Ann Veronica Janssens

I’ve been having trouble with my eyes lately. Nothing serious, but experts have been peering through my lenses, systematically dazzling me. It all started with dark spots – tiny moving shadows flicking across the white page, the glowing screen, the blue sky.

The Ordering of Worlds

By Sean Cubitt
After a century of rectangular cinema, it is more than time enough to reconsider the shape of screens.