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Peter Robinson

Start with the feeling of walking into the gallery and being hit by something huge, an interior landscape, a petrochemical wonderland. The huge twining mass of intricately draped and interlinked polystyrene is soft, almost glowing under the gallery lights.

Jae Hoon Lee

Auckland artist Jae Hoon Lee creates composite images: stitched-together landscapes, strangely flayed portraits and kaleidoscopic nature studies. His digital prints are seamless, but oddly disjointed. Lee is an analytical cubist with Photoshop skills.

Daniel Crooks and Jae Hoon Lee

As well as furnishing us with family portraits and a billion framed sunsets, the camera has offered new horizons and new tyrannies. Our bodies and imaginations are squeezed through the shutter, dreaming in Technicolor and diarising in wobbly Handy-cam.

Interview with Gareth Shute

The installation works that Stella Brennan has created over the last decade have incorporated a wide range of sculptural pieces, illuminations, video projections, and soundscapes.

Orchestrated Litanies

By Tessa Laird
Stella Brennan mediates binaries, fashioning oxymoronic couplets to explain both her curatorial and artistic practice.

Sylvie Fleury Interview

Fleury ambiguously appropriates the stuff of the fashionable lifestyle – paintings, carpets, shoes, hemlines; incorporating her passion for muscle cars and the space programme in installation, sound work, and video.