every room i have ever been in

October 4 – 27, 2012
The Audio Foundation, Auckland

Stitching, gluing and threading, artist Stella Brennan attempts to fix what has been broken. Her exhibition, every room i have ever been in mashes together homages to feminist artist Mary Kelly and the ceramic iconoclasm of Chinese art star Ai Weiwei with the decorative Japanese repair technique of kintsugi. Recession Chic and the New Domesticity promote preserving, mending and recycling amongst the virtuous middle classes with the time to lavish on sock darning and jam making. Sceptical of the glamour of distressed heirlooms, Brennan salvages a critique of the superabundance of objects vomited up by global capitalism from a welter of orphaned personal effects, lifestyle blogs, and magazines full of house porn.

List Of Works

Vanilla Summertime
Air freshener and automatic dispenser

Stained Flag
Polyester, cotton, fabric dye

every room i have ever been in
Keys, nylon

Mama Fix It
Ceramic, resin, pigment

Polyester, cotton, fabric dye

Social Sculpture Garden
Plants, soil and amendments, mulch, paving